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Short Run Label Program

To augment its full line of stock and custom medical labels All-Tek Labeling Systems launched its Short Run Label Program in the Spring of 2010 . The program was designed to cost effectively provide very small orders of custom printed labels.

The SRLP is simple. Under the program, All-Tek offers 10 label sizes, with a choice of 10 basic colors, and either permanent or removable adhesive.  In all, there are two hundred possible combinations.  Of course, when you add copy or symbols/logos to the labels, the combinations are unlimited.

The concept is to meet the need of universal auxiliary type labels (UAL’s). You will find that our prices and turnaround time compare very favorably with the traditional suppliers of these types of labels.  All-Tek’s brand, as is customary with these labels, all come packaged in dispenser boxes.  Convenient for storage, the boxes are all the same size except for their widths, which accommodate the various label sizes.  Utilizing this program, will enable you to purchase all of your universal auxiliary type labels quickly, easily, and at great prices.

Placing an order is easy.  Five things are needed.
1. Quantity
2. Label Size
3. Color
4. Adhesive
5. Copy

Our order form is a convenient way to communicate the required information. Customer service will be happy to email you a brochure containing a reusable order form. On the form, in the label outline of the appropriate size, you simply sketch the label copy, making what is bold, bold; underscored, underscored; etc. Then Fax or email it to All-Tek. Once received, your order ships within 48 hours. If a sketch does not do a particular design justice, you can send a Word or other type of document to communicate the copy and layout. Alternately, if another supplier’s product number should exist, that will suffice.

In 2011, we will have a link on our website that will enable registered users to design and submit a short run order online, Web to Print.  The page will have a typesetting tool that will allow the user to design the look and content of the label precisely as they will receive them. After one click and 48 hours your order will ship.