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Xylene Resistant Labels – finally a solution that works!

Microbiology users have expressed concerns over labels whose manufacturers claim to be Xylene “resistant” but ultimately do not live up to their expectations.  Typical label materials fail for various reasons.  Some fail due to label face material deterioration, adhesive weakening, or image smearing.  Regardless of the reason for the failure it often results in unidentified specimens.  Some label products may offer a certain amount of resistance to these failures.  While that is not good enough, unfortunately there have not been very good alternatives.  The current alternatives have been to label specimens after processing or to apply a costly and time consuming over laminate to the printed label prior to processing. 

All-Tek Labeling Systems has a new low priced solution.  EnduraThermPlus© thermal transfer film labels when used with EnduraThermPlus© ribbons are truly Xylene “proof”.  The proof is due in part to a proprietary process creating a unique synergy between the ribbon and the label material. 

EnduraThermPlus© also resists many other chemicals that typically destroy labels.  EnduraThermPlus© products are excellent choices for Microbiology labels that are exposed to Xylene, stains, and other harsh chemicals. 

Request preprinted samples for evaluation in your own processes.  We think you will be very happy with your results!  For a look at the actual test results, click the EnduraThermPlus© link below.